Thank you all for your support over the years. Plants have gone to Krull-Smith Nursery in Apopka, FL so please go there for selections. I still have the hardback book and the EBook. I still make food and have Plant Potion #9

Bill's Best small bag

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REAL ORCHID FOOD  This is the stuff I make for myself.  No dyes, no urea, has nitrogen in the form of Ammonium nitrate so it's more betterer.  Forget what the numbers are, it's all phony (sort-of).  Give your plants something -- but give them Bill's Best  Plant "encourager" based on what they need, not what's cheap.  This stuff dissolves fast, is in a form the plants can absorb immediately and works on everything (I have more than 100 Cultural awards).  I make no claims, and it probably doesn't even work.  NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.  TOO COSTLY TO SHIP!!