Thank you all for your support over the years. Plants have gone to Krull-Smith Nursery in Apopka, FL so please go there for selections. I still have the hardback book and the EBook. I still make food and have Plant Potion #9

About Us

I have been interested in growing, showing and breeding orchids since 1969 (53 years so far).  If you have spent that much time doing anything -- you should be pretty good at it.  

I am.  Because, I have been growing with Doris Dukes for almost that long, and she has humbled me into being a much more observant grower.  I now have 52 National Cultural Awards for Bulbophyllums (highest is 98.2 points) and we have a total of 103 (so far) Cultural awards in 30 genera.  There is a yearly award given for the Best Bulbo Exhibited that year named after me, which is quite an honor.  

I was the world's leading hybridizer of award-quality Bulbophyllums and all of my plants are now Colchicine treated (see Colchicine page) at great expense and  greatly reduced yields, but better plants.

I promise you that you will get nothing but straight answers to any questions, that I stand behind everthing I sell and I will do everything I can to make you happy.