World Class Bulbophyllums; species, hybrids and divisions of breeders. New EBook with videos, articles, photos and more - $69 for 2 years!! FLASKS NOW AVAILABLE BUY 3 and GET the 4th FREE!! (Least cost) Colchicine Treated!!

New "Book" on Orchids

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LASTS FOR 2 YEARS!!!  A completely new format for learning how to grow and show the FINEST ORCHIDS (or any other plant) by the WORLD'S MOST HUMBLE  grower, Bill Thoms

This is a book in electronic form.  Since everything is going digital, it's time for me to step up, man up, put up or shut up.  And, since I go on and on and on, I can't shut up.

This "Book" allows you to see all the videos I produce for the year, all the articles I write, all the photos I upload (I have over 15 gigs of low-res photos), and I will help you with any problem I can.

I now have access to a fabulous photographer who takes practically 3-D photos and you have access to that expanding library as well.

Each week (or more often) I will walk through the growing areas and discuss what I see which is a pretty good way to learn from someone who has spent 45 years growing and showing them.

I also show step-by-step videos where I fix the problems I encounter which are the same ones you may have.